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Timely information for fast action. AcciAlert is a lifesaving application which combines emergency services under one roof so that appropriate help can be provided in time and lives could be saved. It bridges the gap between time of accident and help reaching the user by informing appropriate peoples such as family, relatives, hospitals and police control room making them aware of the emergency situation with the location of the accident.


AcciAlert service is accessible anywhere any time. Once activated, the services can work even with poor mobile network areas. In case of severe road accidents even if the user is not in position to call for help, then the Accialert hardware fitted into the vehicle would automatically get activated.

Emergency Alert

Whether activated automatically or manually, AcciAlert tries to contact the user’s identified emergency contacts by calling and sending multiple SMS to each and every user’s emergency contact, nearby hospital and police , with details of the location of the accident along with personal & medical information, medical insurance (mediclaim) details within minutes.

Secured Data Transmission

We respect user’s privacy. Only the relevant data of the user is shared with personal and public emergency list for next 24 hours once activated. Further all the data shared with the Accialert remains encrypted.

Learn About Security

Fast action along with timely security. We are mapping the emergency service across the country so that you can get the most relevant help and support when required instantaneously at the time of accident.


Accialert Models


Hit from Front Strike from Sides


Silver Plus Hit from Back Rollovers


Gold Plus Gas (CO) Analyser & More

Accialert App

Easy Setup, Long Commitment

Sign up for AcciAlert and use the app for free. Although, car users have an extra option to get additional hardware installed within the car accessories for automatic accident notification system.

All Major Automobile Companies and Models

Currently, AcciAlert hardware is available for most of the cars such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, etc.

Poor Network, No Problem

Once AcciAlert hardware is activated, it will continuously try to reach out for help through connected Mobile App. The Patented system tries to reach to the available mobile networks via nearby users in case driver’s phone network fails so that help could be provided right on time.

Send Alert to Family, Friends and more

Accialert app allows you to connect to the people near in your personal list or to emergency services such as police stations or nearby hospitals by sending alerts via emails, texts and voice messages.


Once the call and messages are received by the emergency contact person, AcciAlert allows you to clearly distinguish between the contacts who have read your emergency requested from those who have not.

Our Process

AcciAlert automatically detects impact encountered by the vehicle in various axis. If the impact is beyond a pre-set level, the hardware fixed to the vehicle gets activated and starts to produce beeping sound & red light glows in switch fitted in car dashboard. It will automatically send voice calls & sms via connected App on the registered mobile numbers unless cancelled by user in time. If user is unable to manually cancel/deactivate l the alert system then it is considered to be a true call rather than a false call. However, user can manually deactivate the system by pressing the button on the car dashboard and / or sms link sent on mobile.

Technical Specification

  • Available for devices with Android 4.4 onwards.
  • Available for car models of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda among others.

Coming Soon…..

  • Application for iOS 9.0 and other iOS versions.
  • Hardware system for Buses, Bikes & Scooters.
For more details: Contact AcciAlert.

Cost Effective Solution

“A Little Care Makes Accidents Rare”. AcciAlert brings you connected car accessory which even cost less as compared to yearly Car Insurance Premium. You may get spare parts for the vehicle but there are hardly any spare parts for Human Body and none for Human Life, so “Be cautious as Life is precious”.
We focus on saving human life than car & its performance parameters.

Upgraded to Gold close
  • Model
    Silver Plan
    For Small, Medium Cars
  • Front Impacts
  • Side Impacts
  • Free 1 Yearly Customer Care Monitoring & Support
  • Back Impacts
  • Rollovers
  • Gas (CO) Analyser & more
Coming Soon... close
  • Model
    Platinum Plan
    All you can get from the System
  • Front Impacts
  • Side Impacts
  • Back Impacts
  • Rollovers
  • Gas (CO) Analyser & more
  • Free 3 Yearly Customer Care Monitoring & Support

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